I'm Paula and I'm passionate about teaching hypnobirthing to help future parents-to-be take control of their birth experience.
KG Hypnobirthing is a full antenatal course recognised by the Royal College of Midwives. 


Courses are 10-hour courses (divided in four sessions) and run in group and individual online via Google Meets. I recommend that you do the course between 20-30 weeks of pregnancy.

GROUP SESSION             £295

This course is interactive and have a social element to meet other local parents-to-be. 
You'll also get access to my 'Positive Birthing during COVID-19' Digital Pack, a recorded online course especially made for current circumstances that complements the full course very well. 

Four consecutive Wednesdays 19:00-21:30

Next course in October

Sundays from 09:00-11:00

18/09 , 25/09 , 02/10 & 09/10


Sábado 16, 23, 30 de julio y 6 de agosto

(ideal si esperas a tu bebé entre setiembre y noviembre)

Por la mañana de 10:30-13:00

INDIVIDUAL SESSION             £395


Classes in person or via Zoom that fit flexibly into your schedule.
These are perfect for busy parents that want a more personalised approach or are based outside London. I give classes in English, Spanish or Catalan.

You'll also get access to a 100 minutes' digital pack especially made for current circumstances 

'Positive Birthing during COVID-19' Digital Pack.


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​The full hypnobirthing course includes 4 sessions of 2.5 hours each, either over four separate evenings or a weekend.


  • What's hypnobirthing and the power of the mind​.

  • The physiology of birth: Understand how your body works during birth is key to be able to trust the process and know how to help your muscles and hormones.


  • Hypnobirthing techniques: Tools to reprogramme your mind, releasing any fears you might have and making you feel positive about labour and birth. Practical techniques to maintain a state of calm on the day of your birth. 

  • Physical aspects of pregnancy and birth: Understand the different positions your baby can adopt, and how you can influence them, as well as positions that you can adopt during labour. 


  • Take control of your birth: understand how the system works, the risks, the research available, and how to apply tools to make the best decisions

  • What happens if...: the importance of the Due Date. Posible interventions from induction of labour to instrumented birth and C-section, focusing on how to make it a positive experience. 


  • Where to give birth and confort measures: understand your options and the differences between the places you can give birth, as well as the different confort measures available. 

  • The birth: birth phases, when to go to hospital and what to do during each phase.

  • You're ready!: Understand the practice that you need to do at home and how to choose your birth preferences. 

The full course includes:​

  • 10-hour KG hypnobirthing course. 

  • Access to my 'Positive Birthing during COVID-19' Digital Pack.

  • Parents' folder with extra material such as relaxations and triggers.

  • A copy of Katherine Graves' hypnobirthing book.

  • Katherine Graves MP3 audios.

  • Ongoing support via email, WhatsApp and phone up until the birth of your baby.

  • Access to a WhatsApp group with local mums-to-be. 


Using KG Hypnobirthing techniques is not a substitute for the advice or presence during birth or any part of pregnancy of a qualified medical practitioner, registered midwife or obstetrician. It does not represent in fact or otherwise an alternative to appropriate medical care or professional medical advice in any way shape or form.

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